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Windshield Glass Polish

Windshield Glass Polish

Windshield Glass Polish Treatment

Pollution is sure to cause dullness to the glass of the car. This problem can be solved by Windshield Glass Polish. Appropriate chemicals and tools are used to clean and gloss the transparent surface. The glare disturbing the view is taken care of when using this facility of Windshield Glass Polish at NextGen in Ahmedabad.

How is it applied?

Before applying the liquid, our experts will wash the surface to avoid scratches on the car. After washing, the solution is applied to the damaged area. After applying it properly all over, it is left for half an hour to let dry. The last step is cleaning the screen to remove the excess fluid.

It’s time to take care of your car because avoiding the windshield polish can lead to scratches and dull surfaces, and that can lead to accidents. Make the best use of Windshield Glass Polish Treatment by experts. We will make sure that you and your car are in safety gear.

Glass Polish is a professional service that focuses on restoring the shine of the windshield glass. At NextGen Auto Care, you can expect the best Windshield Glass Polish Service in Ahmedabad. Our skilled technicians use advanced techniques and high-quality products to give a shine and best outcomes for your car. Your trust is everything for us and we promise to give your windshield the perfect look without any scratches or marks on it.


 It is anti-glare and anti-reflective

 Scratches and stains are erased

 No rainbow streaks or wiper marks are visible after the polish

 Gives shine to the windshield glass