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Car Internal Panel Protection

Internal Panel Protection Service

Internal Panel Protection Service

The door panels of the vehicle are prone to damage if untreated. The damage to the panels can be caused by water seepage, dust accumulation, or muddy water. The service for Internal Panel Protection in Ahmedabad prevents rusting and gives a protective coating over and keeps away from cracks and peels.

How panel’s protection is ensured?

The Internal Panel Protection process begins with washing the doors, windows, rocker panels, and other compartment parts. After each corner and surface dries, the protective coating is applied to each panel present in the interior of the vehicle using application equipment. If there is an excess coating on any part, the adhesive cleaner is used to remove the extra layer. The layer is made uniform and smooth. It is allowed to settle for some time. The coating stage is repeated since it is preferred to have more than one or at least two coatings for ultimate protection.

The professional assistant makes sure not to leave any part unattended. The results, once you avail of the service, are satisfactory. To seal the internal section with a premium level of safety from rust and corrosion, avail of the services of Internal Panel Protection in Ahmedabad at NextGen Auto Care.

The internal Panel Protection Technique is a service aimed at preserving and securing the interior panels of the car. NextGen professionals offer the best Internal Panel Protection Treatment for providing longevity to your car’s interior by safeguarding it from environmental elements. With an experience of more than 20 years of offering car services that give our clients 100% satisfaction.


 Long-lasting safety

 Running Borders and Rocker Panels are protected too

 Effective corrosive protection treatment