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Surface Refinement Treatment

Surface Refinement


Driving a car for almost a year now? If so, then the outer of the vehicle or the compartments must be inclining towards dullness or have already lost their shine. There’s no need to worry about it because Surface Enhancement is the solution to this problem. With its feasible procedure of first cleaning the dust, taking the correct compounds to get rid of every glaring defect, and using them appropriately, the Surface Refinement Treatment done in Ahmedabad at NextGen Auto Care gives the car a brand-new look!

How is the technique applied?

Surface Refinement is needed when the vehicle's exterior is affected by dirt and pollutants. To remove those, the solution will be applied to areas affected by oil, grease, and pollution. Then, the sanding disc will be used to clean the body. After that, the rubbing compound will be applied all over the exterior. Through this whole process, we guarantee you the best procedure application to make your car’s external shine again.

From degreasing to painting, sanding to polishing, our automobile company has the best Surface Refinement professional in Ahmedabad, ensuring that the exterior protection is given to the vehicle and it glows again. It satisfies the demand for safety and prevents the paint from losing its essential oils due to erosion. It is available as one as well as two-component products.

Surface Refinement is a process designed to enhance the visual appearance and condition of surfaces such as metal, glass,or paint. To give your car new life and look from the dull or damaged look, opt for the best Surface Refinement Service in Ahmedabad at NextGen Auto Care and experience the dedication to perfection and passion for delivering outstanding surface transformations. Our experts will take care of your car from servicing to delivering to the customers with utmost detailing.


 Makes the surface heat resistant

 Car is safe from pollution

 Spotless shine

 Impactful treatment for long term