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Car Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration Service

Headlight Restoration Service

The headlamps of the cars start to get dull, and the illumination gets affected. For getting the charm back, the technique of Headlight Restoration in Ahmedabad works well. This method uses buffing and sanding to make the car look new again. The Headlight Restoration Treatment makes the experience of driving in the night-time very easy and safe!

How is the headlight restored?

The process starts with washing the car lens and surrounding parts with soap and water. After washing, the tape is stuck on the borders of a lens and not on the painted part of a car. After sticking the tape, the surface will get washed with wet sandpaper in all directions: vertical, horizontal, and strokes. Then it is wiped off, the polish is applied for some minutes to make the lens clear, and then wax is applied to protect the lens. After polishing and waxing, new UV sealant is applied so that the headlights don’t haze over again. And the final step done by experts is testing out the headlights to ensure the best results for the customers.

Is your car’s headlight dull or not working well? If yes, then it is important to get it restored for safe driving during the night. Headlight Restoration services at NextGen Auto Care provides effective and beneficial car services for your car. Our well-experienced providers ensure long-lasting results with the utilisation of advanced techniques to enhance your safety on the road and restore the overall look of your vehicle. Your car deserves a bright look.

Get your headlights restored immediately at NextGen Auto Care- The best Headlight Restoration Center in Ahmedabad and drive your car safely with proper light.


 Gives an improved look to the car

 Boosts safety

 Improves visibility

 Makes the cloudy lenses transparent