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Car Dry Wash Service in Ahmedabad


Car Dry washing

Every person wants to move towards keeping updated with his or her belongings, better services for them, along with having to do no comprise on the environment. Car Washing is one such service for the cleaning of vehicles, readily available with the theme of waterless cleaning. The particular Car Dry Wash in Ahmedabad technique uses a minimal amount of spray (containing the liquid) for the best results.

What is its procedure?

The component of the spray used for the dry washing of vehicles is eco-friendly. It easily adheres to the surface and encloses the dirt. The dirt is removed by an appropriate cloth which cleans the surface and restores the glaze. It is a simple method of Car Washing. It begins with sprinkling the dry cleaning solution on the car’s surface. It is allowed to stay for a few minutes. Afterwards, the grime is wiped off using a soft cloth/fiber. Another microfiber is used to buff the area and make it shine. The polishing cloth doesn’t cause any damage to the vehicle, and you get the best appearance of your vehicle.
This technique removes the mild dirt and dust of the vehicle without wasting gallons of water. NextGen Auto Care provides the most efficient Car Dry Wash Treatment for your vehicle. Unlike the traditional method, this service is time-saving, easy, and effortless.

Car dry wash is an advanced cleaning method that enables intensive and convenient cleaning of the car’s exterior surface. For the Best and most Effective Car Dry washing in Ahmedabad, trust the professionals of NextGen Auto Care in Ahmedabad for superior Car Dry Washing techniques that will leave your car stunning with ultimate car care services with utmost attention given while applying the solution and not the water.



 Non-problematic process


 No water stains after wash