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Car Ceramic Coating in Ahmedabad


Ceramic Coating Service

What proves beneficial once the glow your vehicle used to have before fades? The answer is the type of coating that uses Ceramic as its base component. This technique helps prevent corrosion and makes the surface free of rust. Besides this, the transparent layer of the chemical repels water, and there is no scope for it to leave water stains on it. The Ceramic Coating Treatment is worth the money spent.

How does the expert carry it out?

Before starting the process, the vehicle is washed by a professional. After washing, the spray iron remover will be applied on the surfaces and will be rinsed off after 5 minutes. Then, the clay bar will be applied to the car to remove contamination from the surface and restore the paint. Then the professional will dry the vehicle with a smooth cloth to apply a machine polish on the car to get near-perfect paint. Its process is measured and steady so that the film is coated evenly on the painted surface. Thus, minor blemishes, roughness, or gloominess are removed easily on the exterior of vehicles like Bikes, Motors, or Car Ceramic Coating in Ahmedabad.

Who doesn't adore the sight of a brand-new car? This layering not only protects the surface of your vehicle but also leaves a wonderful, candy-like gloss for all to appreciate. Avail of the best Ceramic Coating Center in Ahmedabad at Nextgen Auto Care.


 Uniform layering

 Prevents rust accumulation

 Hard and impactful

 Hydrophobic in nature

 High life expectancy