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Car U.V. Protection Treatment

UV Protection

Car UV Protection

Rarely anything could be more harmful than getting affected by Ultraviolet rays while enjoying your car ride! There is a treatment available to hinder the rays from harming you and prevent photodegradation. It is the service of Car UV Protection in Ahmedabad given by us.

What is the mechanism of Ultra Violet treatment?

The penetration of this beam is stopped by coating it with a film that has chemicals that do not let Ultra violet rays penetrate. The layering is clean and heat-resistant. It is bound to resist harsh temperature blows, the strokes which can otherwise damage the engine if not treated with UV Protection. The vehicle surface is wiped to leave no dust on it. The professionals then apply a thin and even layer of film that binds to the base. The components of the coat seal the surface and make it safe. The surface becomes immune to the damaging rays.

Thus, the service of NextGen’s Car UV Protection Treatment in Ahmedabad is advantageous because it also secures the surface glass from getting directly hit by dust particles. One added benefit is that the vehicle's look will be enhanced, and the dullness will vanish. In short, it is the secure way of maintaining the protection and luster of the car in one go!


 UV protection to the maximum

 Saves glass and interior surfaces from getting damaged

 Removes the glare issue

 Prevents skin diseases