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Car A.c Disinfection

Ac Disinfection

A.c Disinfection Service

It is well-known that the air conditioner installed in any vehicle is prone to contamination. The presence of dirt and germs in the A.C. system can cause breathing or health problems, which shows that there is a need for A.C. Disinfection Treatment for your vehicle engine. To avoid such problems, air conditioner disinfection proves to be beneficial since it purifies the air duct. It reduces the bad smell in the car and reduces bacteria, viruses, spores, and other germs. After availing of the service of A.C. Disinfection in Ahmedabad at NextGen, the time you spend in the car will be pleasant.

How is the procedure of A.C. Disinfection done?

The first step followed in the procedure is closing the windows and doors with the car system off. The professionals will spray the disinfectant in the ac vents to remove the germs. After some time, they will start the ac engine to the max to get the impure wind or ac germs out of the car.

It’s time to make the wind smell good and healthy. And to make this possible, contact the best and most reliable A.C. Disinfection Center in Ahmedabad at Next gen Auto Care, and we will ensure you the best A.C. disinfectant service to make your ac system free of dirt and germs.


 Removes the unpleasant odor

 Spreads fragrance when you switch ON the A.C

 Cleans the duct line which is not possible manually

 Kills 99% of bacteria present inside

 Ensures the safety and good health of car users